to the Boundless

to the Boundless

World of Imagination . . .​

World of Imagination . . .​

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These Educational Interactive Digital Course-books encompass;

All the theoretical topics along with their pedagogical objectives across the curriculum are seamlessly integrated in our e-books' interactive content.

The interactive widgets provide a vast range of variety for both teachers and learners. It does not only satisfy the curiosity of learners, it also provide teachers a resource to develop interest and enthusiasm in their learners.

The glossary is designed to facilitate all the possible aspects of a particular topic by establishing links to various other aspects, creating a profound comprehension of knowledge and continued interest in the learning process.

The interactive widgets provide 21st century intensive technological support for a continued teaching and learning experience.

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Let’s Discover! Let’s Explore! – Year 2

Real life activities . . . are fun!​

My son loves performing the real life activities, following the guidelines from this book. It has made my life a bit easier. I can see a visible improvement in his learning.

Learner Satisfaction Rating:
Teacher Satisfaction Rating:

Literacy & learning - Year 6A​

Creative writing skills - how to write a biography​

I got a chance to enhance my writing skills by learning how to write a complete and comprehensive biographical document by following few easy steps. It was a superb experience. The punctuation and grammatical sections  are also worth mentioning. Learning is made so easy by adding interactiveness and audio/visual support to explain a topic.

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Review Feedback 002
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Teacher Satisfaction Rating:
Learner Satisfaction Rating:

Real Life Maths - Year 2

How to double and half a number?​

The very exciting feature of this book is that, it has lots of activities, which made me comprehend, how to double and half a number, earlier I had an issue understanding this concept. It also taught me the difference between clockwise and anticlockwise directions, which also confused me earlier. It is really fun learning how to add or subtract tens in an interactive way.

Parent Satisfaction Rating:
Teacher Satisfaction Rating:
Learner Satisfaction Rating:

Let’s Discover! Let’s Explore! – Year 2​

Awareness of healthy diets and beverages.​

This interactive ebook supported me to understand the characteristics of different animals and plants. It gave me the awareness of healthy diets and beverages – now I am able to take a good care of my eating habits. It taught me the importance of body fitness. I enjoyed the topics related to the sources of sound / heat and their applications in the real world.

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Review Feedback 007
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Learner Satisfaction Rating:

Literacy & learning - Year 2A​

Learning assessment at the end of each topic.​

I am just in love with this book, which is really helpful, as I was able to assess my learning at the end of each topic. Learning grammar and use of punctuation didn’t seem to be so easy. The story time is so exciting, it reminds me of the stories my grandmother used to tell us when it was our bedtime.  I also got to know, the best suited clothings for every season.
The best part of this book is that I can carry it with me at all times.

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